Self-Portrait Workshop



The summer months are approaching and I wanted to one again announce that I will be hosting a Self-Portrait Workshop in June of this year, exact date will soon be released.


Self-Portrait Workshop Class Outline


  • a personal and open discussion on self-portraiture
  • my beginnings, practice and workflow
  • Inspiration, (artists that inspire me and why)



  • history of the self-portrait
  • presentation/discussion of iconic self-portrait artists from the past
  • presentation/discussion of iconic self-portrait artists of the present
  • open thoughts on creating self-portraiture (healing, self-love, creativity, experimentation)


BREAK  13:15-13:45PM



  • open discussion with participants on their views on self-portraiture
  • timers and technology
  • ways to achieve focus
  • working with light,(studio lighting/natural light), setting your mood

*a variety of props will be available for use and for inspiration. Participants are welcome to bring their own selective props to use or share* 


BREAK 14:45-15:15PM  

*this will be the time for participants to prep their mind, ideas and approach for their self-portraits*



Creative self-portrait time! Participants can create as many self-portraits as time will allow.

*Objectives: a single self-portrait, a series of cohesive self-portraits , separate individual self-portraits containing a different theme and vibe*



  • End discussion and clean up


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