Pinhole Portraits

Pinhole Portraits



Pinhole photography is magical and regardless of the fact that it is nothing more than a lightproof box with a tiny hole instead of a lens, the intuitive nature of pinhole photography opens up limitless creative possibilities. It is a historic technique and one of the most authentic ways to record photographic images.




Stillness. You will have to prepare yourself to stay in stillness which can vary between 20 seconds to a few minutes per image.  



  •  90 minutes or *more indoors or on *location
  • a hand processed proof sheet of your images on 8×10 archival darkroom photo paper (1 proof sheet = 1 look of 12 images)
  • password protected gallery to view and to select up to 5 images
  • 5 web ready scanned digital files for posting and sharing
  • online print ordering option/ 8×10 only @ 30$ per image


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