Nicole Small | One on One

Video Premiere Launch- Pinhole Self-Portraits

Video Premiere Launch: October 27th, 2019 at 12pm.

This might be one of the last outdoor adventures of the season and I thought it would be interesting to premiere this pinhole self-portrait adventure. I enjoy presenting my photographic pursuits and adventures as a unique experience, an experience that is raw and real and in that moment because it is exactly what it is for me each and every time….an experience.

My relationship with art, photography and creativity has grown and deepened so immensely that I no longer fear those “self-placed” boundaries nor my own curiosities and vulnerabilities.

I have felt for some time an offset towards the routine act of just posting photographs and sometimes I sincerely feel that it’s just not enough and no…. not every experience will be detailed in this way but it is true to say, (at least for myself), that there is a connection I just cannot explain that goes beyond the surface of what we see photography to be today.

This pinhole self-portrait adventure is not as long as the previous one but I am hoping you will be there just the same as I enter a place that is unknown which lends itself well to having what is seen to be true to the bone.

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