Nicole Small | One on One

Regional Park Forest Ouareau – Self Portraits & Yashica D

I spent a whole day at Park Forest Ouareau to get in some self-portraits with the Yashica D and a few rolls of Ilford’s FP4 120 film.

As we know it, the cold weather will soon take over completely and I have been making sure to get out as much as possible.

The day started off pretty cold but warmed up quickly with the high and low terrain that was more rugged than I had expected.
It was a little difficult trying to find the right spot where there would be no interruptions from the hikers that were passing by. Most of my attempts were done without much thought because I had to try and get one in before a hiker or group of hikers came into my selected pathway.


Luckily they spoke loud enough so I was able to hear them in the distance which gave me the speed I needed to successfully create a self-portrait without any interruptions. I honestly had a blast on this road trip and will try to get a few more in before the months end.






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