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Ilford XP2 Super and Black and White Chemistry – Part 3 (Parc de la Cite -Day 2)

I made my way back to Parc de la Cité a second time to continue, from the previous day, photographing the birds that were there.

Initially on my first visit, I wanted to photograph the beautiful colors of fall but it did not work out the way that I had hoped. After having walked around to try to find a different focus, I came into a flock of birds and just started photographing them.



I never thought that I would have felt so much enjoyment from it and since I only had one roll of 35mm film with me which was more than half finished once I started photographing the birds, I said that I would return the next day to continue.

Now that I had a focus for the next day, I thought that I would once again test with Ilford’s XP2 Super black and white film which I processed with Ilfosol 3 for six and a half minutes.

For a behind the scenes look:




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