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A 4×5 J.Lane Dry Plate Experience

I have been wanting to get back to the J. lane Dry Plates for a while and finally I managed to get to it. I used them once before but at that time I was not outside but indoors. They didn’t come out well of course and being that it was winter time I just decided to put them aside and to wait for summer.

The reason I decide to try this process is because for me it seems to be the next best thing to the desired “Tintype” process. It is unfortunate that the chemicals needed for the Tintype process is not available here in Canada or at least where I reside in Montreal.



The first time I tested out the J.Lane Dry Plates was with Ilford’s DDX developer, for this time I used Ilford’s Ilfosol 3.

I am still feeling this out and I am 50/50 on whether or not I would continue working with this process. However, I will continue with what I have stocked up on and hopefully things will come to a better end.

If you like to see a short behind the scene video click here.


The Results:

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