Nicole Small | One on One

Creative Studio Portrait Video Series


The winter months are coming and that means a return to the studio which I am quite excited about. I have been planning many different things for the winter and one that I am anxious to get rolling is a creative portrait video series that will involve the standard portrait as well the experimental portrait.

I am obsessed with the visual play of light and shadow, human emotion, reality… always pushing the realms of creativity.

This video series will be a focus on portraiture, (not fashion photography!), shot on film with a variety of different film cameras and in a variety of film stocks in black and white and/or color.



The ultimate goal is not only to present a final photograph but to exhibit the complete process when working with film, from the studio session right up to the final print. The previewed start date for this video series is November 2019, but I would like to meet any willing volunteers, woman or man, ( 25 yrs+), before the month of November to discuss the various ideas.

Are you up for the creative challenge? If you are get in touch with me, I will be looking forward to hearing from you and collaborating on some creative ideas.



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