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Pinhole Self-Portrait Nature Walk Part 1

This is part 1 of my day spent at Bois de Liesse Nature Park in Montreal with a 4×5 Pinhole Camera.I have never done pinhole self-portraits in nature before so it was quite exciting. I was inspired to give it a go from one of my recent road trips when the weather turned from bright and sunny to misty and cloudy, it was just seaming out at it me and, “Damn, I should have brought the pinhole camera!”

After that experience, I no longer want to miss out on the next possible opportunity so I had planned it out for this road run and from now on I will always have it wherever I go.

The day in general was great but the weather ended up going through so many changes that it was hard to keep things consistent.




I hope that you enjoyed this preview and that you will come back to see Pinhole Self-Portrait Nature Walk Part 2, a behind the scenes action view of the day with the final images.









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