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Water Portrait Number 4

The deadline to cast your vote for the water portrait that you would like to see as a darkroom print has passed. I honestly was hoping to get more interaction as I thought it was a pretty cool idea and a great way to connect with others on a more personal level.

I received one vote and that was from Robert. I want to thank Robert for casting his vote and for supporting the idea by participating! The lucky winner is Water Portrait number 4:

Water Portrait #4


BUT….I am going to cheat a little and extend the deadline until the end of this weekend, ( by Sunday September 8th midnight), so if you didn’t get a chance to cast in a vote, you still got some time!

Some of you might not like the video version, although I did include a link to the page where you can make your selection as an option, so I will be adding the link to the Water Portraits portfolio page down below. Remember you can only select from Water Portrait 1 through to Water Portrait 12.


Link to Water Portraits Portfolio Page: Royal Blue- Water Portraits


Cast your vote down below!



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