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The Mamiya C330

I have briefly mentioned the Mamiya C330 in a previous journal entry as being a favorite camera of mine and that if it was not for it’s weight, (not that it is too much of an issue except when in rugged terrain and the lighter I can be the better), it would instantly take the place of the Yashica D.

I recently bought a Mamiya C330 from eBay as a back up to a Mamiya C330 I bought back in 2014.

I know it’s crazy, but ever since I have been trying to filter out a lot of what I do not use I have found myself wanting back ups of the cameras that I have decided to keep. I was told by a friend that it is not a bad idea to get back ups especially since a lot of the prices of film cameras have skyrocketed and if I know what I want, to get it.

Now let’s get back to eBay. I have heard many horror stories about buying cameras off of eBay and I have never had any issues until now. The camera came with the prism finder which is something that I have been wanting to get for my first one, just to have a choice of options when using it. Another bonus was the 105mm lens that came with it which is also something that I wanted and with that I now have the 80mm, 105mm and 135mm lens.


According to the listing, the camera was full tested which was obviously debatable and yet I took a chance. The camera itself is in very good shape but the prism is dust. As soon I looked into the viewfinder I knew that I was in trouble. To make a long story short, I reported the issue and was partially refunded so that I would be able to get a replacement for it, but with the refund was nowhere near the amount I would need to get a decent prism. Well, I had to test out and of course give praise to this beautiful beast, (and yes with my waist level view finder, the camera works just fine.).



To skip directly to the camera test go to time stamp: 1:18

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