Nicole Small | One on One

Updating My YouTube Channel

It has been a long time since I have produced any kind of video. I have been wanting to re-shape my presence over at YouTube but it has been difficult since I cannot possibly film everything that I would like to on my own.

My first initial dive into video was very experimental and my concern was never how professional it looked but that the story I was telling was clear in itself. I am hoping that with my self-teaching I will improve and it will welcome others to collaborate with me on my Moving Portrait Series.


I am not a seasoned videographer but one thing is for sure, I know what I like and want and most importantly I like my video work to encompass a raw feel just as in my art and photography. I will be honest and mention that my Youtube channel is somewhat out of date in a sense that I have not produced anything new within the last two years and still with that being said, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel, (support and subscribe if you like!).


Nicole Small artist and photographerThere are other video installments that I would like to include on the channel such as my personal road trip ventures, film camera tests, film stock experiences, behind the scene portrait sessions, alternative processes, self-portraits and dark room printing). What are the things that interest you most on a YouTube channel that is based on photography?

As I mentioned before, I cannot film everything that I would like to on my own so I am looking to collaborate with someone who would be interested in working with me on filming some behind the scenes video clips.


If you are located in Montreal and are interested in collaborating, please get in touch with me.

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