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Darkroom Blues


The idea of building a darkroom has been dancing my mind for the last two years and lately I have been seriously thinking of  just going for it. The space I have now does work but overall it is not optimal nor is it very safe.

The way that things are now has me quite limited to how far I can actually go into the world of darkroom printing and it really has me bugged out.

Wanting to take on such a venture is tricky on the mind. Do I do this just for myself, or do I do pursue this geared more towards the public where it can become an extension to the film photography community?



I know that it will take more than just  having all the equipment but will such a thing be worth it? Film photography has been on the rise but will this rise be long lasting or will it just be like a period time piece that will soon come to it’s end?

I personally wish I could print more and I know that if I had the right amount of space that I would. Most of my work is scanned directly from the negatives and then posted online, (as most do), but I would love to be able to go full circle more often.

With that in mind it is obvious that not every photograph will be one that you would want to print or even be print worthy, but the more I go the more I feel the need to want to go full circle.


There are many things that I would like to develop from this venture and that would be to include workshops and artist talks.

What are your thoughts on this?



  1. I really don’t think you’ll regret having your own darkroom. I get so much pleasure in printing my black and white photos in the darkroom compared to just scanning them on a computer. It’s also the whole process I enjoy from making all the test strips to get the contrast I really want from the final print. Unfortunately I currently don’t have anywhere at home where I can put a darkroom so for now I belong to a community darkroom in my area where I can book in a time slot to use it which is working out quite well for me so far. Although I would like my own darkroom one day 👍


    • Thanks Natalie for sharing your positive thoughts! I also enjoy the whole process of printing. There are two places I read about here where I live that have community darkrooms but one is under construction and has been for quite sometime and the other I do not really know too much about other than that you have to register within a certain period of time for the year and it is not very close to where I live. I think by next year I will undoubtedly know what I will do and I will keep you posted. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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