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Parc des Rapides Part 1

Kodak Ektachrome/ Minolta XD


This weekend was amazing and with the perfect weather to boot.

Saturday was the most exciting because of my revisit to Stanstead, Quebec and on Sunday my friend and I decided to trek out to a place we had briefly visited before, Parc des Rapides.

I think this is one of the most beautiful Parcs I have been to so far, beauty is everywhere. It is known to be an ideal spot to see the Lachine rapids up close and if you are a bird lover/watcher or you just simply enjoy hearing the joyous sounds of nature this is a place for you.

The first time I visited Parc des Rapides, I honestly did not expect much other than being able to see the Lachine rapids closer than I have seen before. It was definately closer and more came along with that as I started to walk along the pathways. I did not bring the right camera though and I should have realized that when I was packing up. I brought along the Yashica D which is an automatic reach for me whenever I plan to go anywhere but not a wise choice for this particular excursion.

I learnt my lesson from the first time and on my return I brought along the Minolta XD with a 75-150mm f/4 lens. There was somewhat of an adjustment needed as 35mm is not a format I work with very often and it has a completely different formation than that of the Yashica D.

Before I introduce some of the photographs from Stanstead, Quebec I wanted to share a few from Parc des Rapides.




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