Nicole Small | One on One

Natures Animal Life

I love animals and yet I have never saw them as a subject to photograph, (and with great excitement), until now. There was a time where I had only one thing in mind to photograph and that was portraits of people. This has now changed as my mind has expanded into more and different things, things I never thought I would ever see as important to me or inspiring to want to photograph.

There are many photographs that I have yet to scan but I thought it would be interesting to share what I have scanned so far and place them together all in one.




  1. Bijean Ford

    These are some beautiful pictures! Nature is such a wonderful thing…we just have to take time out to slow down and take it in! Not to mention take care of it!
    Follow us back at, if you like. We have a nature conservation section full of relevant articles. Take care and keep putting out good content!


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