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Creative Assignment #3- One Week Challenge



This is creative assignment that I have shared once before in March of 2015 and I thought it would be interesting to bring it back once again but with a few differences.


Lacking Creative Inspiration?


The idea is to stimulate your mind for seven days with that special tool in visible sight that enables you to be creative.

  • Maybe it might spark a new idea?
  • Maybe it might lead you to a place to photograph something you have always wanted to?
  • Maybe it might lead you to photographing something that is out of your comfort zone?
  • Maybe you might not feel anything and that is perfectly fine 🙂

The Assignment:

Step one: Set up a tripod ( if you have one)

Step two: Select a camera

Step three: Attach selected camera to the tripod

Step four: Select a spot in your home and place your camera with tripod there for one week

Step five: At the end of the week, share with yourself or with others a photograph or photographs that were inspired by this “One Week Challenge” assignment.

*if you don’t have a tripod, you can use a table, book shelf…etc. Place it on anything that will be safe and visible to you for one full week* 


Want to share your experience? Feel free to share and post down below a photograph that has been inspired by this challenge at the end of your chosen week.🙂


  1. Alex P

    Hey so I’ve actually already been doing this for a while, as the 4×5 pinhole lives on the tripod! It definitely reminds me that I need to be shooting, even if I haven’t been doing much recently. Think I might set another camera out on my mini tripod.


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