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Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML Camera 

Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML Camera

This is a camera that was given to me from a very good friend about three years ago. I haven’t really used it that much but recently I started to bring it along with me on my road trips.

Whenever I plan to go out on the road I almost always plan ahead deciding which camera I will bring as well as what my main focus will be to photograph. There have been times when I wished that I had brought another camera with me to photograph other things of interest that are outside the realm of my main focus without too much more to think about. The Canon Sure Shot AF35ML seems to be the best option from the different cameras that I own, not only because of its light weight but also because of its compact size.



This is from the AF35ML’s manual.

The Canon Sure Shot AF35ML is an “auto focus” camera which does make things quite easy, yet, if you are not careful you can end up with many out of focus images just as I did. When you place your focus point on a subject or object and press the shutter half way there are three possible focus zones that will light up, (see photo on the right).

It is that easy, but sometimes depending on the scene, the camera is not always able to select a focus zone and I found that sometimes I was not able to see what focus zone was illuminated which made it difficult at times to take a simple snap shot.



This not a bad review on the camera, but I was somewhat disappointed on the amount of images that came out of focus.


Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML/ Kodak Ektachrome E100



Here are some other images I shot in the same scene and were not out of focus:



As I mentioned before, this is not a camera that I have used much and as with any new or rarely used camera, there is always a learning curve that comes with it.

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