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XP2 Super and Ilford FP4 Plus

As promised, here is the comparison between Ilford XP2 Super and Ilford FP4 Plus film. This comparison was done with the same camera, the Mamiya C330, in the same lighting conditions and processed in Ilfotec DDX.


First, here are the images shot with Ilford FP4 film:


Side by side comparison with Ilford XP2 Super:


Let’s have a look at all three together:


The difference between Ilford Delta Pro 400 and Ilford FP4 Plus is very slight. Altogether we can observe that Ilford XP2 Super has the most contrast and Ilford Delta 400 Pro has the least.

I hope you enjoyed this journal entry.


  1. I understand that these shots are for experimenting with film, light, composition. But I have to say that I enjoy them simply for themselves. These are clever and touching and very well done.


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