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Ilford XP2 Super (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my Ilford XP2 Super film experience.



Having been faced with a few issues with XP2 Super film, I decided to try the last roll that I had with a different camera with the intention of processing the film in black and white chemistry.

For this final roll I decided to pull out the Mamya C330. This is a camera that I also truly love but have kept it as partner in the studio. If this beast was not as heavy as it is, it would definately take the place of the Yashica D.




I started off with a few indoor shots then I headed out on my balcony to work outdoors to get a variety from the film:



Second set outdoors on the balcony:



This is what I remember when I worked with this film for the first time. Results with tones that are smooth and rich. What are your thoughts?

This was indeed a successful test but I realized that maybe I should have processed this roll in C-41 to really be able to make a comparison with the previous rolls and to determine that perhaps my exposures were in fact off the mark. I will do this testing again and maybe this time with some self-portraits, processing one roll in C-41 and another in black and white chemistry.

I am still confused about the Yashica D Gray. I don’t understand how light leaks can appear on one roll of film and not the other. This is another issue that I will have to investigate.


(Part 1)

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