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Ilford XP2 Super (part 1)

A road trip was planned weeks in advance for Saint-Jean-Baptiste holiday weekend which ended up being a four day weekend for me. I had such an enjoyable time, the weather could not have been any better. I hope you all had a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and weekend too.


I have spoken about Ilford XP2 Super black and white film before and how much I really loved working with it and I knew that this would be the perfect time to get reacquainted with the film.

A day before heading out to an anticipated road trip, I had asked a friend if they would be able to pick up a few rolls for me since they work a block away from a film lab that I oftenly buy film from. I am not sure if their 120 XP2 Super films they had in stock were all expired, but I ended up with 4 rolls of expired film which I was not very keen on, but on that thought I have used black and white film that has been expired before with no troubling issues.



As usual I brought along the Yashica D’s, both the Gray and the Black. I figured I could work with one in color and the other in black and white. This road trip was a discovery of cool locations, beautiful scenery and farm animals. I shot two rolls and processed them one at a time in C-41.

The first film I processed looked odd when I hung it to dry but without hesitation I decided to then process the second film. The second film also seemed off to me when I hung it to dry, exposures seemed a little off. As they were drying, I decide to go ahead and process a roll of Fuji Pro H to help kill some time. Once they were completely dry, I was able to thoroughly inspect them and I noticed a few things on both rolls of film:



The markings you see circled above had me a little confused. Both seemed to have markings that appear to be contributed from the camera itself, (markings 1), and both had light leaks throughout the whole role from beginning to end, (markings 2). For both rolls of film I used the Yashica D Grey because from working with it previously I knew that they were no light leaks. Even though I fixed the light leak issues with the Yashica D Black, I purposely did not use it with the XP2 Super films.


Just to give a little insider on the Yashica D Gray, here are two processed films from a recent road trip:

Links to the resulting images above: Link 1 and Link 2


As you can clearly see, there are no light leaks however, I did notice the other markings which were also present on both XP2 films:

Fuji Pro H /C-41


Upon this observation, I was able to put one issue to rest but another issue replaced it after having scanned both rolls of film. These are direct scans with no adjustments other than having been sized for the web:


This was the first time that I had processed this film in C-41, all my previous experiences have always been with black and white chemistry. I know that I don’t always get it right, but both rolls throughout look like this and personally I find this to be quite disappointing. I thought maybe I might have done something wrong in the processing but I did process a roll of Fuji Pro H right after I processed the two XP2 films:


Maybe it is just a settled result for how I was shooting or maybe I was just off on my exposures….


Still to follow: Ilford XP2 Super (part 2)

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