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Pinhole Photography & Velvia 50


On a previous journal entry,( here), I never mentioned my experience with Fuji Velvia 50 that I had paired up with my pinhole camera.

I did not bring many sheets along with me, only 4, as my main focus was to photograph more water portraits to add to my portfolio.

I was a little disappointed that only one from the bunch came out somewhat to my liking, next time I will prepare myself to solely focus on pinhole photography only…well I will at least try too!



I used my wide angle pinhole camera which I now have started to see as a better choice when working outdoors, especially for scenes such as these. Believe it or not, instinctively I had always reached out for my other pinhole camera, (which is like a 50mm on a 35mm camera), because it was the one I had gotten so use to using indoors when I was working on self-portraits and when I photographed people at events I had hosted and attended.

In those cases it made sense as I was able to ensure that I got only what I wanted in the frame and there was no worry of facial distortion. Working outdoors is a little different and so far I have learned the more I can get in the frame the better. Lines, movement and angles play wondrously with a wide angle and I think I am only getting started.


Pinhole Photography & Velvia 50

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