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Creative Assignment #2- One Roll (film ) Camera Swap


In my decision to side more with the art of creativity than that of a standardized portrait studio I am still trying to work that out, yet, I feel that sharing out creative assignments, (with no expectations), might be the best way to transition into a new suit and for things to move forward. No pressure, no time frame…. just a “do it if you wish and at your own pace kinda thing”.

With that being said, let me introduce you to a second creative assignment that you can do if you are looking for a challenge, open to meeting other analog photographers or maybe just to try something different creative and fun.



“One Roll (Film) Camera Swap”

This assignment involves swapping cameras with someone in your local area and shooting one roll of film.

You meet, swap and shoot together, or you meet, swap then meet again to swap back.

The idea would be to pair up with someone that is in your local area who shoots film and why not make it more challenging by pairing up with someone who shoots a different format than you do?

This can be done one on one with a friend or as a small group that you can create by calling out to other analog shooters in your local area.



If you are an analog shooter in Montreal who would be willing to be part of a small group to take on this challenge, I would gladly set one up but in order to do so I would need participants to make it work. To get paired up to swap all you have to do is send a message here with “One Roll (Film) Camera Swap” in the subject line along with the following information:

  • full name
  • the camera you will be willing to swap
  • where you are located in Montreal
  • years of experience shooting film


I hope you will be eager to participate, if not sharing is cool!

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