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Cyanotype Test- Part 3

Curiosity #3



What if I was to simulate motion blur/movement by moving the acetates position by hand during exposure time? Again, this is something that can be done in camera prior to reaching this stage but who does not like a challenge?

My first trial was a failure, in fact, it came out exactly as the original which is not so bad but it was obviously not the goal.




My Approach:

I thought that if I had positioned the acetate to stick out from under the glass on one side, it would make it easier to move the acetate to different positions creating multiple impressions in one swing. This idea played out well but I should have known that overlapping one impression over the other would in fact just cancel itself out. I used glass with the first trial, but for the second and third trial I didn’t. I used my hands to keep the acetate securely in place and as flat to the paper as possible which was risky but it made the whole experiment much easier to figure out.




The second time around came out much closer to what I was trying to achieve. From what I learned I just couldn’t overlap over the first impression so after my first impression was created, I rolled the acetate off of the first impression then moved the acetate to where I wanted the second impression to be. The tricky part was to make sure that there was no overlap over the first impression.

This was not a complete failure other than the fact that I had placed the second impression in front of the original impression which kind of gave a backwards view to what I was going for.








Here is the third trial to this experiment. It appears to be more ghost like which I like and the second impression makes more sense being behind the original impression than in front as in the image above, ( trial 2).






What I have learned from this experiment and if I am to try this again, I would make sure images will not have any busy or textured backgrounds. Applying texture does add a nice twist but it can also create unevenness on overlapping and the idea, (at least for me right now), is to create multiple impressions that have a smooth integrated finish.


I hope you enjoyed this 3 part curiosity series! Please get in touch if you have any questions, want to collaborate or just want to say hello!

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