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Revisiting Ilford XP2 Super Black And White Film

Ilford XP2 Super/ Ilfosol 3

When I decided to take a chance on processing color film, even after experiencing the processing of a few rolls, I was still somewhat in doubt as to whether or not I would make color film processing a part of my regular routine as black and white film.

I love to experiment with different films, but since the very beginning my black and white go to slow speed film has been Ilford FP4 Plus and as for a black and white fast speed film Ilford XP2 Super 400 was always my favorite.


What has kept me away from continuing to work with Ilford XP2 Super was the fact that the processing of this film has to be done with C-41 chemistry.

I wish I had the time to scan some work done with this film processed in C-41 to show you but even still when processed in a black and white chemistry such as Ilfosol 3, the results are quite appealing.



“I have found this film to be fantastic for all types of skin tones and I think to some degree this film has been underrated”



Even though results can come out beautifully in black and white chemistry, I wouldn’t chance it with just any creative project, especially for one that I know will end up in my portfolio.

If you know me well, I like to be part of a creative process from start to finish, so what does this mean? This means that I can work with this film again, (yahoo!), without the worry of having to bring it to a lab for processing.



For sometime now I have been trying to find that one fast speed film to measure up to it, (that is still in production), and now I don’t have to search for it anymore.

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