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Cyanotype Test- Part 2

In this journal entry the curiosity continues from Cyanotype Test- Part 1 which was the adding of texture to original photographs in Photoshop. I wanted to go deeper and explore other curiosities that I also have been wanting to put to the test.


Curiosity #2

What if I was to expose them as double exposures…basically placing one over the other? Yes this could be done easily at the shooting stage, but what if? How would it turn out?



Result of combined images:




What I have learned from this test is that when combining images, especially if there is a busy background or texture, you will have to finalize the photographs slightly differently to ensure on your overlap that you won’t end up loosing or bleaching out the important details during exposure.


As the saying goes:

If it lets light through, it will turn blue. If it blocks out light it will stay white.


Keeping that saying in mind, when overlapping one image over another, it will block more light than an image on it’s own which would mean a lot more of the surface area will lean towards white and/or lighter tones of blue.


Still to follow: Cyanotype Test- Part 3

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