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Cyanotype Test- Part 1

I did mention in a previous journal entry that I would not showcase any Cyanotype work until my newest series was completed but I have gotten quite anxious from not being able to get a start on it due to the bad weather that has been plaguing the summer.


The weather really has not been holding up well. There hasn’t been enough sun rays to work on some new Cyanotypes that have been lying in wait to be made.

Regardless of the crappy weather, I decided to take a couple of prepped acetates and use them as testers to see how some ideas would turn out that have been swimming in my head for a while.

On a good day, my average exposure time is about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes which includes a little over cooking time so that I can tone them later. I guessed my exposure time to about 10 minutes while keeping in mind of what to look for to ensure that they would be exposed to my liking.



These are the original photographs that I used for testing:




I was curious to see if I was to add texture to them how they might turn out so I added this to the original photographs in Photoshop then had them printed on acetate:




Here they are at the exposing stage:



Final results:




Still to follow: Cyanotype Test- Part 2


  1. Alex P

    Such a cool effect with the texture, I thought it was coming from the paper. It really adds to the portraits. As a bonus we have sun in the forecast!


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