Nicole Small | One on One

Water Portraits 2019

An introduction to set of color water portraits that I had photographed with an expired roll of E6 film. This was a huge failure, I screwed up big time on processing the film.


My error was that I forgot to rinse the film after the first developer, yikes! I only realized this mistake after pouring the now contaminated color developer back into its bottle with its reserve. At that point there was nothing I could possibly do about it except feel foolish.

I am a new to the E6 process and assumed that it might be risky to continue using the same color developer with other rolls of E6 films which meant buying a new kit would probably be the best resolve. I wasn’t interested in taking any chances so that is exactly what I did.


I guess this is what can happen when you work with many different processes!


Here are a few that I tried to color correct in Photoshop, not a way I like to work with my images but unfortunately I had no other choice.





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