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REPOST – Looking for Volunteers

Project “I Am”

I am looking for volunteers, both men and women, (20 years and over) for a portrait project. The project, aimed at showcasing a diversity of people and at the same time their individual persona. “I AM”.



This will involve you which can introduce a particular place that lends itself to you emotionally, a place in your home, out in nature, indoors somewhere private or public.

Portraits will be photographed on film using a large format view camera. Sitting for the view camera is a commitment, both for the subject and the photographer. The view camera is as far from a point and shoot as one can get, it is a slower and more contemplative process requiring an appropriate amount of time and patience.



I will not be telling you what to wear or what you should bring, it is a choice you will have to make on your own, otherwise it will defeat the whole meaning behind this project. This is project is one of great meaning to me and I would hope that reading this will inspire you to want to be part of it.


If you are interested or have any questions please send me a message here

Looking forward to meeting you!


P.S. For serious inquiries only. This is not ideal for trigger happy posters.

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