Nicole Small | One on One

Kosmo Foto Mono

I have been so busy lately with processing rolls of film that I had shot during my last 2 mini road trips that I have been falling short on getting them scanned. I hate scanning film to be honest, I much rather print my favorites in the darkroom but unfortunately it is not an option that is as easy to prepare for when compared to scanning negatives on a computer, yet, I did scan a few just before heading to bed last night. Here are a couple from the Kosmo Foto Mono film.


I might be too quick to judge but I am not too sure if I would buy this film again. I am on the fence with this one. I do have another roll of this film but in 35mm format. Maybe having more frames to review afterwards will give me a better feel towards this film.

Have you shot with this film? What are your thoughts if you have?


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