Nicole Small | One on One

Go Pro hero 7 Black

For a very longtime I have been trying to decide what I should purchase in order to expand my options in being able to record behind the scenes.

I have been on and off with wanting to purchase a GoPro camera but I finally made the decision. The price tag for one of these is quite high but overall, it will allow me to do the things that I have been struggling with while trying to use my phone or my Nikon D300s.

Since I am mostly solo, it seemed to be the best choice. The size is perfect and the options of how you can record without the need of your hands as you move about is definately a bonus.



I could have gone with another DSLR but to invest in a digital camera just for that, I didn’t see it as being worth it. I have tried using my phone but it is very hard to hold it at the same time that I would like to present something.

Did I make the right decision? I guess I will see!


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