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Another Lucky Day Without Rain



I was hoping that the weekend would pull through without any rain and it did… well at least for the time that we were out.

My friend Randy and I had decided to head out East and we did find a few interesting things to photograph.

I did not really have a specific focus this time, but being out in the sun with a camera in my hand felt so good.

As always, I always bring along my trusty Yashica D but was a little doubtful because from my last roll I noticed some light leaks on the edges of the film. I wouldn’t dare plan a road trip without bringing it along so before heading out, I inserted thin strips of foam to replace the broken light seals.

My fingers are crossed and hoping that this will fix the light leak issue, at least for the time being.





But….today was not only a test with my Yashica D, it was also a test with a film that I recently was told about, Kosmo Foto Mono 120 film. After finding out about this film, I did some research I was interested to try it out.

This was film was launched in 2017 but only in 35mm format, as of May 2019 they launched the 120 format.

I know I was chancing it by using it for the first time with my Yashica D and it’s hopefully fixed light leaks but nonetheless I am anxious to see how this film will capture.


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