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Creative Assignment #1 – Double Exposures



So here it is, the first One on One” Creative Challenge!

Great things happen when you start to think outside the box. I love experimenting with light while adding my curiosities to the mix. Experiment with what you already know and then bend the rules!


Nicole Small | One on One- Creative Challenge #1

The challenge is to create a total of 6 double exposure images that showcase two opposing themes. You can work in color film or black and white film and you can use darkroom paper, 120 film, 35mm film,…whatever film medium you are comfortable with using.

Here are 12 options that I put together where you are to select 6 for this creative challenge. The words do not have to be taken literally, challenge your imagination!

  1. Cool & Warm
  2. Dark & Light 
  3. Young & Old
  4. Big & Small
  5. Weakness & Strength
  6. Happiness & Sadness
  7. Above & Below
  8. Near & Far
  9. Wet & Dry
  10. Love & Hate
  11. Slow & Fast
  12. Before & After


Send in your 3 best double exposure images to with Nicole Small | One on One- Creative Challenge #1 in the subject line by June 20th, 2019. Each image must be in jpeg format and no larger than 1MB.


Please include in your submission:

  • your name
  • your email address ( your email will not be abused or shared)
  • where you are located
  • your favorite number ( no, this is not a joke!)
  • one social media link if you have one
  • information in reference to what camera was used and what film was used
  • your favorite film
  • your favorite camera
  • include any other insightful information that you would like to share

Fine Print

  • any film photographer from anywhere can submit!
  • submitted images will be showcased on this platform as well as on Instagram as they are received.
  • There will be mystery gift prize giveaways!


You got questions on getting started?  Send in your questions to: or here.

I hope you will be eager to participate, if not sharing is cool!





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