Nicole Small | One on One

A Day Without Rain


So many weekends have been lost on the account of rain. Finally on my day off, it didn’t rain!

I have been anxious to get out and continue on my water portrait series that I started off last year and yesterday was the first day I was able to focus on it.

Working in the studio was the norm for me but not anymore. It is incredible how things have changed throughout my journey in photography. I never thought that I would find myself working outside a studio setting with the same passion as I have when working in one. The studio was always my number one place, my home…… now I can say my passion has grown to places I never thought would be possible. My mind has broadened and I have to be thankful for many things, the good and bad that has happened which has lead me to new and exciting places.




Road trips, photo walks, they all are wonderful and exciting but I never thought that it would become so important in the way that it has.





  1. Alex P

    Glad you were able to get out and shoot with the weather cooperating! I am planning on making some pinhole photos tomorrow.


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