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A light proof box / pinhole photography (part 13)

A Light Proof Box / Pinhole Photography (Part 13)

Color film has always been a zone that has kept me in limbo and that is because I know that I will have to leave it up to a lab to process the film. Working with black and white film has gotten me spoiled, enabling me to process at home and at anytime.

I wanted to start this journal entry off by introducing my beginnings of testing out color film with pinhole photography. One of my first pinhole color portraits was tested out in January 2018 with an expired roll of Kodak 160VC (1997).

Expired Kodak 160VC (1997)



From the same roll, I did get a few more successful portraits.


At this time I cannot really say much about working with color film alongside pinhole photography but I am excited to have the additional element of color. I am also excited to have begun processing color film at home.



Still to follow: A Light Proof Box/Pinhole Photography (Part 14)





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