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Feedback Results

I first want to say thank you to those who have participated in the poll I recently shared on a previous journal entry. If you have not already and have a few minutes, head on over and cast your vote.

I am not surprised of the results so far. From a total of 6 voters, the majority have chosen “out of the box challenges”. 

So what will follow? There will be new additions to this space, some from ideas that come to me and some from suggestions or ideas that may come from you.

From time to time I will be calling out contest giveaways, (all for the love of creativity and most of all for the love of film), and the only way you can win is to participate.


Creativity on a high…

This will be a platform strictly dedicated to the film photography/analog community and yes, I know that there is a lot of them out there already, but for me, all of this purely comes from the love of creativity. The creativity I once had directed as a service to the open public, the standardized structure which failed me but at the same time broadened my path, re-directing it to become even more addictive, personal and something I cannot live without.


This idea of mine may not go any further than my backyard but I will never know if I don’t give it a try.

My years of passion and dedication to people and the art of photography has led me to many places, at times in places I never thought I would ever be.

While building on this pathway, I hope you will become eager to participate, share and support.

Let others know, sharing is cool!









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