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A Light Proof Box / Pinhole Photography (Part 12)

A Light Proof Box / Pinhole Photography (Part 12)



(some more helpful tips)

One thing that I felt I needed to know when working with a pinhole camera, regardless of the angle of view, was what my composition be at a given distance. Since I like filling the frame this was something very important for me to know. I needed to know how far or how close I would need to be in order to get exactly what I wanted and this took some testing.

I don’t only work with 4×5 film or paper so testing was done with a variety of pinhole camera formats but for this presentation I decided to share with you my results from my handmade 5×7 pinhole camera.

I knew before hand from building it myself that I would probably be working with a 40mm angle of view, in other words like  a 40mm lens on a 35mm camera


I took an image of the same subject at different distances.



The second test.



My overview:

I love the fact that at a distance of 1 foot, there is not that much distortion, ( next to none!), which is what I need.  Another thing I am happy about is at 4 feet, I get a lot of the subject and space within the image using a very narrow backdrop. The back drop that I used was just shy of four feet. This is excellent as it will allow me to work in small spaces.


Knowledge put to the test:















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