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A Monday Walk About

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, a day I was able to take advantage of and plan a walk about with a very good friend mine along with a roll of Ferrania P30 film. This was my first time using this film so it was very exciting.

The walk about was not the only exciting part of the day, processing always gives me a kick of excitement too, every single time.


The developer that I presently use is lford ILFOTEC DD-X. It is a fine grain developer with a shelf life that is quite agreeable. I use to work with Ilfosol 3 but the shelf life is absolutely horrible, switched to Kodak Professional HC-110 Developer and did not like the goupy mix and was shocked to discover that the shelf life it was raved for did not meet my expectations, experimented with Rodinal but found it not to be a selection of choice for me as an overall general developer.

When I was preparing my solutions to process the film, I had automatically prepared a 1:4 Ilford DD-X dilution without checking things out first. The 1:4 dilution is what I use every time and without thinking I automatically prepared that dilution soon to realize that it is not a dilution that has been used with the Ferrania P30 film and Ilford DD-X developer. This led me to a google search of course and to what I have discovered below.

The film being fairly new on the market, (download their Ferrania P30 film best practices PDF from their website for best results), did not have much to go on in regards to processing other than what is shared on their website which does not indicate the dilution that I had prepared for.

When in doubt I always resort to the Massive Dev Chart on the Digital Truth website when I find myself in situations like these but still in this situation, the dilution of 1:4 was not found.


I found two processing options on the Digital Truth website and they are as follows:

Film Developer Dilution ASA/ISO 35mm 120 Sheet Temp Notes
Ferrania P30 Ilfotec DD 1+4 80 11 24C [notes]
Ferrania P30 Ilfotec DD-X 1+5 50 7.5 20C [notes]
Ferrania P30 Ilfotec DD-X 1+6 80 15 20.5C [notes]

(Info obtained from The Massive Dev Chart)/ The 1:5 dilution can also be found on the Ferrania P30 film website.


I did not want to waste my developer and I know that what I had prepared to what I had found as processing options I had no other choice than to take a chance and go for it. I shot the film at 64 ASA and processed the film for 10 minutes at 20° and to my surprise, it did not come out too bad:



In a few days I will scan and share some results!

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