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Cyanotype- Digital Negative Test

In a previous journal entry I briefly spoke about the digital negative for the Cyanotype process. I wanted to continue with this subject in this journal entry.

As I have mentioned, there are several ways to create an optimal digital negative for the Cyanotype process and that I do not follow any particular technique other than ensuring that detail is present.



A weekend in the month of March, I had some time to play a little with this idea. It was a less than favorable day, no sun, but when I have that free time and something in mind to try, I hate giving in to the elements that are best to have and are not present as I believe there is always a way to make something work.

Working in bad weather does make it difficult, time is longer and hard to calculate but the objective was achieved regardless.




Here is the original digital negative and resulting Cyanotype print:



The final result was not to my liking so I went back into Photoshop to adjust the areas that were lacking detail:


My adjustments were done by eye with no specific technique applied. Here are the resulting Cyanotype prints from the original and tweaked original digital negative.




Even though the weather conditions were not at it’s best, I am very happy with the adjustments and I can say that I prefer the tweaked version. I will have to try this again when the weather is right.

Which do you prefer?


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