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Winner of The Pinhole Camera Giveaway!

I am happy to announce that Alexander Paaren is the winner of the Pinhole Camera Giveaway! Here is Alexander’s winning entry:


Photo Details: Camera and film used was Hasselblad Super Wide C. with Ilford HP5+ pushed to 800 and developed by me in Ilfotec DD-X. Scan was by Camtec Photo in Montreal.

“I took this photograph playing with my boy Luke in his room. He turned 2 years old recently and changes so quickly, I have changed with him so I decided to make the photograph around that”

Alexander Paaren Links:

instagram alexfilmphotos

twitter 35mm_etc


Congratulations Alexander! Thank you for taking part in this contest. I hope you will enjoy your new toy!



  1. Alex P

    Thank you so much Nicole! I am so excited to have been chosen! I don’t usually shoot self portraits so it was a bit of a creative exercise for me. That may have been part of your goal. I will probably do it again from time to time.


    • Your welcome Alex! But this would not have been a successful giveaway if it was not for you participating so thank you for taking the challenge :). I do enjoy throwing out fun exercises that challenge the mind in being creative. Look out for more future fun creative challenges!


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