Nicole Small | One on One

Beast Walk

Although we are in the month of April it sure does not feel like it, regardless, I decided to ignore the truth and brave it out yesterday on Montreal streets.

The good thing about the day was that it was sunny which gave me the perfect opportunity to test the Kodak Duaflex II camera that was given to me as a gift over a year ago from my friend Zan.


I love toy cameras and since I was able to figure out how to spool onto a 620 film spool from a 120 film spool, (to my luck the 620 film spools were still in the camera), and with the bonus of now processing color film, I just had to get the camera running.

It is a simple and fun camera and best used on bright sunny days unless you don’t mind using the “bulb” setting for long exposures. I had to catch myself at times because the minimal distance of this camera is 5 feet. I brought along an expired film for this test, (Kodak Pro 100 PRN), because I am not sure if the camera has any light leaks or if the exposures will come out satisfactory.


The Kodak Duaflex II was not the only beast I brought along with me, I also brought along a Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML camera with a roll of Fujicolor Pro 400H.

It is small, compact and less conspicuous and thought it would be the best second option to bring along to photograph the streets, something I never really do or like to as I hate the idea of having to be sneaky in order to get those “Street Shots” with people in them, but that is just me. However, I did step out of my normal bounds and gave it a shot. Not sure how I did as I was so nervous about making others feel nervous and uncomfortable, something I just don’t like to do.


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