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Cyanotype TroubleShooting

As with any new craft it is essential to have an understanding as to why things may have gone wrong. Thanks to those who have shared not only theirs successes but also their experiences when things did not turn out right. Here are some general tips that I want to share with you:


Troubleshooting Issues: Cyanotype


Why is my coating on the paper a dark green and/or dark blue?

If your paper when dried is dark green this usually means contaminated chemicals. If your paper when dried is dark blue, this means the paper may have gotten wet. In either of these cases, worst case scenario, you may have to remix your chemicals and apply again.


Why does my print look faded?

If your negative isn’t right, your print won’t be either. Make sure contrast on the negative is right before printing.

Avoid cheap art papers. They will have more chemicals in them that will interact with your emulsion. Different papers will produce different color tones of blue.


My entire image washed off during the rinse.

Exposure time may not have been long enough. Keep in mind that if you have a dense negative, longer exposure times should be expected.


Why is my image blurry?

If your negative is not properly secured it is possible that it may have moved out of place during exposure. Also be sure that you are placing down the negative correctly, ink to emulsion.


My print is stained.

Make sure that you wash your prints long enough until you see the water runs off clear. Proper washing is key. To avoid the risk of staining, always Prepare fresh water for each print.


Hope you found this to be helpful!


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