Nicole Small | One on One

Spring…Where are you?

It seems as though every time the warmth seems to be coming around, a cold breeze decides to come and spoil the fun.

I had planed this weekend to go out and test with color film and pinhole photography but man it has just been too darn cold so I decided to switch my focus to the Cyanotype, which is not a bad thing, giving toning a test run on some old prints.

For the next few months I will be focusing on both pinhole photography and the Cyanotype. The Cyanotype will fill in the spots for the time I will need when dropping off my color film to the lab and it is the best season for it.

For those who want to get full swing on my journal entries on pinhole photography  and/or the Cyanotype, I invite you to visit these links:


A Light Proof Box / Pinhole Photography Series

Blue Prints: The Cyanotype Series


Have a wonderful Sunday!


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