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A light proof box / pinhole photography (part 10 )

A Light Proof Box / Pinhole Photography (Part 10)


On my previous journal entry, I mentioned the option of using your dslr as a pinhole camera. I thought I would do a little testing for those who may be thinking of trying it out.

I bought the pinhole from eBay a while back. I do not recall exactly how much I payed for it, but if I remember correctly it cost me just under 40$ which included shipping.

My set up for testing was very simple. I used a 16″ beauty dish and modeling light at about 3-4 feet away from the subjects. After a few test shots, I decided to shift the light slightly off-center in order to create more depth in the photographs.



First sample image:


The only thing I corrected here was the white balance. I did not measure the light and guessed 20 seconds giving this result.


Second sample images:


Third sample images:


Although this may be premature for me to say as I have not worked very much with pinhole photography this way my impressions of pinhole photography using a dslr is not favorable. This does not mean it can’t be fun or that you will not come through with interesting images but I prefer the old-fashioned way, (my personal preference).


Pinhole Photography Comparisons

This may not be an exact comparison due to the varying images but let’s have a look:


I was curious so I converted the digital version to black and white.




My curiosities forwarded me to test with some outdoor scenes:




What do you think? Share your comments!



Still to follow: A Light Proof Box/Pinhole Photography (Part 11)




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