Nicole Small | One on One

Self-Portrait Workshop


As much as I love creating, I also love sharing my creative experiences, knowledge and passion with others and I feel that the best way for me to be able to place this goal into action, would be through creative workshops.

A “Self Portrait Workshop” will be my first workshop of the year, one of my favorite topics to discuss and explore.

Self-portraits have been made since the earliest of times and today more and more people, in a variety of ways, are finding this as a way to tell their own story.



This workshop will be a focus on self-expression using various tools and techniques with a minimalist approach. Whether this will be your first time experimenting with self-portraiture or you have been wanting to begin venturing into self-portraiture, this workshop is designed to help you expand beyond the basic selfie, dig deep into exploring your own personal creativity and to release your own personal stories.


Stay connected to find out when this workshop will be available!

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