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Yashica D Just Got Better

I finally had the chance to set up my darkroom and dive into printing over the holidays. I have set a goal to do more printing this year and to print big!

The Yashica D is my favorite medium format camera to use and having obtained a few close up lenses has made my love for it even stronger. I love coming in close to my subjects and so this just makes it even more fun.

There were a few learning curves while using the close up lenses which I did not take into account. I realized that even though I have the ability to come in closer I have to take careful note of my composition, yes an obvious approach, but I will explain. As you can see in the image below, the heads are cut off.

I did not place my focus on the heads of the wooden subjects but on the arms of the subjects. When looking in the view finder, I had thought I would have gotten exactly what I was seeing which was the head and arms included together, but I soon came to realize after processing the film what I had done wrong. This mistake brought me back to the Mamiya C330 which I also love to work with. The Mamiya is a beast and gives you the option of coming in real close without any filters attached but it also had me spoiled too.

Here is an image inside the view finder of the Mamiya C330:

The black needle that you see is a guide that allows you to compose while keeping you aware that anything above the needle line will get cut off in the final image. It does make things very easy as you do not have to think about it too much, the reminder is always there.


I will try out another roll of film while keeping this in mind and to see how I can apply the use correctly in future work.

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