Nicole Small | One on One

Scars Into Stars

During this time that I have been preparing for my photo exhibit, I never realized how much I have accomplished nor how far I have grown in this mysterious world of pinhole photography.
Seeing all that I have done so far makes me now appreciate some of  those set backs that I have had along my creative journey. One of those set backs that had really broken me down for quite sometime… an ill-fated decision that I made with a “fellow” artist I thought was trusting who knowingly and carelessly broke my steps forward which caused me to have to start all over again.

Stepping back in review of my very first images I started off with with very little knowledge: 4×5 pinhole camera -Ilford Pear Paper -2 300 watt continuous hot lights -1 500 watt work light -Exposures: times ranging between 6- 8 minutes.( and sometimes longer!)

The embracement of working in solitude developed, a fearlessness of creating with or without another developed and most importantly a vision with a strict focus to create from my gut developed which today has morphed into something I never saw coming.


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