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Lumen Prints- part 5

Lumen Prints – Part 5

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It has been a very long time since I have presented anything on lumen prints. Photographing still life with this technique along with black and white film is a new focus I have taken with changes I have been making.

I was lucky to have recently received a new and improved Lumen Box design by Joterman Otero/ (lumen_box), a few weeks ago and finally had some time to put it together. What perfect timing.

The new design is one where you build yourself and instructions on how to build it can be found on his YouTube channel here:

Just to recap the comparison of the old design and new design:


Above there are  links of previous posts that will enable you to see some results using the first original design along with a few experimental testings that I have done. I will end this journal entry with a few lumen prints I never had presented before and will soon present you with some new photographs with the newly designed DIY Lumen Box.



For Inspiration, visit lumen_box on Instagram and on Etsy.

Still to follow: Lumen Prints- part 6

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