Nicole Small | One on One

My photographic Workflow


Today we are so use getting images instantly that sometimes more of a wait than a day or two can seem frustrating, but I guarantee with the results you will get, the wait will be all worth it.

Having chosen to work with film for my sessions, the one thing that has to be understood is the workflow and time frame. My workflow is not the typical workflow as when photographing digitally, it is a process that is longer and more “hands on” which is what I love so much about working this way. You will not get images in a day or two!

I completely understand that there is a feeling of anxiousness after being photographed! For each of my sessions I begin with a few digital photographs. Why might you ask?



I have found that this helps out with having you feel more relaxed and prepares you for how the session will continue. Having you feel comfortable is very important to me as I want your experience to be one where you feel at home. You will also receive an image or two from the digital set as a sneek peek which you can post online and this will help ease any feelings of anxiousness.


What is my workflow after a session?

1. Processing the film

–  In order to make these images visible, the film needs to undergo a chemical process.




2. Making a contact print

– Once the film has been developed, using a photo enlarger and processing chemicals a contact print is made. This step can be compared to an online photo gallery which enables you to review the images except it is viewable as a single print.


3. Selecting making the print

– After reviewing the contact print an image is selected to be printed using the same processing chemicals and photo enlarger as above.



4. The Final Print

– The best part of this whole process is the results!

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