Nicole Small | One on One

Distortion Can Be Cool

When you’re looking for one thing, you find something else. Found a cardboard tube in a corner of my closet. Not sure what I was keeping it for, maybe I will find out once I start-up on something else, ( isn’t it always like that?).

Since I was already in the grove of building, I decided to put it to good use.


I think if I am to do this over again, I would make sure that the shaft is wider than this one here. It was a bit tricky when trying to place the paper inside because of the edges of the paper coming so close together and it was kind of hard to feel if the paper was positioned correctly. The tube was actually longer than what you see above. I had cut it to fit an 8×10 paper. My first trial was disastrous, the paper obviously needed to be cut down so I cut about 1 inch off of each side to try to make it fit in more comfortably. If I decide to go further with this, I will definately share this with you along with some test images.


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