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Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 2

Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 2


In case you missed the first part of this series: Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 1


In a previous post, I had mentioned that the camera I had built had a light leak and I was debating whether I should fix it or not. Sometimes light leaks can add a nice affect to images but after doing a few more tests I decided to fix it after all. I realized that I did not want every image to have this same type of effect and for this type of effect to be all in the same area of each image. I like to work with a tool that is at its most basic so if I want to add or try something different it will give me something more and stand out on its own.

For my second day of testing, I chose a subject that is much closer to what I know I will be actually photographing and worked with the subject in the way I love doing them which is indoors.

The first initial test was to determine the right exposure time and f-stop. I really went deep into this one and determined that I can either expose at an f-stop of 287 at ISO 3 or expose at an f-stop of 323 at ISO 6.

Why you may ask?

I know that if I am planning to work with a dark background and dark clothing, I will expose at f/287 at ISO 3 and if I am planning to work with a white background and white clothing, I will expose at f/323 at ISO 6. Even though I have determined these settings they are not carved in stone.

The second test I played with camera to subject distance.



My overview:

I love the fact that at a distance of 1 foot, there is not that much distortion, ( next to none!), which is what I need because I love having faces up close. Another thing I am happy about is at 4 feet, I get a lot of the subject and space within the image using a very narrow backdrop. The back drop that I used was just shy of four feet. This is excellent as it will allow me to work in small spaces.

So there you have it. My testing is done and now it’s time for the good stuff.


Still to follow: Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 3

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