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Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 1

Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 1

I was finally able to rebuild a 5×7 pinhole camera that I had started last month. What had helped me out the second time around were the 5×7 film/paper holders that I had received in the mail last week. Mission accomplished!



So you know it doesn’t end here right?

I obviously had to test it out, and it seems that there is a light leak coming from the top end of the box. I am a little perplexed how this is, but light don’t lie. Anyway, here is the test that I did. I was a little technical because I was uncertain about the angle of view I would be working with. I assumed before hand that I would probably be working with 40mm angle of view or I should say like a 40mm lens on a 35mm camera. Since I mostly do portraits, I find this to be an essential thing for me to do in order to know what framing would work best for a given portrait.

I took an image of the same subject but at different distance, and here are the results:



Before I fix the light leak, I might want to try a few first, it just might give a nice effect and you will never know unless you try.


Still to follow: Handmade 5×7 Pinhole Camera Test 2

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